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The President's Last Day--Looking Back from Where it All Began


On Akio Toyoda's final day as president, Toyota Times was with him as he shared his thoughts in the place where it all started.

On March 31, 2023, Akio Toyoda spent his last day as president of Toyota.

Since his appointment in 2009, Akio has been ever-present at Toyota’s frontline facilities, seeking to be “the most genba-oriented president.” Also calling himself the “Rearguard President,” he watched over Toyota for 14 years. Akio closed out his term with a visit to three special places.

We captured the words and sentiments brought out by these particular locations, on this particular day.

Toyota Times’ exclusive coverage of a special day

Akio’s starting point, both as a boy and as a Toyota man, sparked much reminiscing.

Akio looks to “the one person whose praise I sought.”

The day’s final visit was to Kabahouse, the headquarters of Toyota’s workers' union. Why did Akio choose this location? He voices some nagging regrets, along with a startling declaration.

Don’t miss a minute of our exclusive report on this special day.

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