Through the words of Akio

The words of Akio Toyoda, the leader of 370,000 employees around the world, are simple yet deep. They reflect Akio’s theory on life and management.

[Through the words of Akio] #04 "I want to be the most 'genba-oriented' president"

Does Akio Toyoda just sit in his CEO office and spend time approving documents? No. Most of the time, he is visiting various frontlines or genba, which is in fact how Akio promised to be when becoming president.

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[Through the words of Akio] #03 "Never forgetting"

Akio Toyoda has kept one promise to himself with regard to the Great East Japan Earthquake, which is also rooted in Toyota's business decision for Tohoku.

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[Through the words of Akio] #02 "Best-in-town"

Who is it that you want to make happy and how? "Best-in-town" is the key philosophy that Akio Toyoda has repeatedly used to remind of what Toyota should value and stand for.

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[Through the words of Akio] #01 "Let's make ever-better cars"

Many Toyota stakeholders would agree that the most prominent words spoken by Akio is "Let's make ever-better cars." This has been the mantra at Toyota for many years, but since when did Akio start saying this, and why?

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