Sports encourage and empower people. Get to know various Toyota athletes training hard with high aspirations as well as the challenges of the motorsports team.

Toyota Cheer Squad: The Reason We Cheer [Those Who Support Athletes]

The Toyota Cheer Squad has a long history dating back to 1969. Why do its members give up their personal time to cheer on athletes? In this spotlight article, members explain what they find enjoyable and significant.

2021.10.11 More

Activities of Former Toyota Athletes [Those Who Support Athletes]

In the department that supports the activities of Toyota athletes are many people who are former Toyota athletes themselves. So what are their unique methods for providing support and how do they utilize sports culture?

2021.10.04 More

[Through the Finder] #5 Round 4 in Autopolis Expands Technology Options for Producing Green Hydrogen

A series tracing the journey of ROOKIE Racing through the images of photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi. Part 5: 2021 Super Taikyu Series Round 4 in Autopolis.

2021.09.22 More

Message of Gratitude from IPC to Toyota

With the end of the Paralympics, Toyota received a video from the International Paralympic Committee. The video contained words of gratitude for the support of para sports.

2021.09.21 More

The Inspiring Video Presented to Toyota by International Paralympic Committee

At a meeting with Akio Toyoda on August 25, International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons presented a video to express gratitude for Toyota's support of--and shared passion for--the Paralympics.

2021.08.25 More

[Paralympic Sports Introduction] Watching the games is much more fun once you understand their appeal!

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games are finally about to start. Here we introduce the rules and highlights for all of the 22 competitions that will be held, each with their own unique appeal.

2021.08.24 More

"Chance to See New Aspects of Life": Former IPC Head Sir Philip Craven On the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Toyota Times reporter Kyonosuke Morita spoke with former International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven to hear about his thoughts on what to watch during the games.

2021.08.24 More

Regaining the Trust: Overcoming Difficulties in Making a Prosthetic Blade for Competitive Sports [Those Who Support Athletes]

A group of Toyota engineers and technicians volunteered to develop a prosthetic blade for Keita Sato, a para-athlete and colleague. Behind the challenge, there was a story of countless failures and kaizen in pursuing a better prosthetic blade.

2021.08.04 More

To Global Toyota Athletes Competing in Tokyo: Message from Akio Toyoda

With the world standing moments away from the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, Akio Toyoda delivered a video message to all Global Team Toyota athletes around the world who are finally heading to make their dreams come true in Tokyo 2020.

2021.07.23 More

Breakthrough Challenges on Reconditioning Center Specialized for Toyota Athletes [Those Who Support Athletes]

Establishing a Reconditioning Center is almost unprecedented in Japan's sports world. Toyota Times interviews the director on how and why the facility was established, and what role it is expected to play.

2021.07.12 More

New Section Launched to Convey Toyota's Passion for Sports

A new section has been added to Toyota Times, sharing Toyota's passion for sports and introducing its athletes who try hard to push beyond their limits.

2021.07.01 More

[Through the Finder] #4 Capturing the 24-Hour Race with the Hydrogen-Powered Engine From a 1-in-5.5-million Perspective

This series focuses on ROOKIE Racing's battles as told through photographs by photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi, with this story covering Round 3 of the 2021 Super Taikyu Series at Fuji Speedway.

2021.06.29 More

Seeking to Give Back for All the Support Received: Rugby Sevens Player Dai Ozawa [Those Who Support Athletes]

Gratitude to teachers, family, teammates, and a company that understands his devotion to rugby sevens, and thoughts on a path to tomorrow.

2021.05.25 More

[Through the Finder] #3 Round 2 at SUGO where Morizo Himself Drives the GR Yaris on Its Last Race

This series focuses on ROOKIE Racing's battles as told through photographs by photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi, with this story covering Round 2 of the 2021 Super Taikyu Series at SUGO.

2021.05.20 More

Encouraged to Compete in Both the Paralympic Summer and Winter Games: Para Athletic and Para Alpine Skier Momoka Muraoka [Those Who Support Athletes]

A natural talent to compete in two sports that blossomed as she grew. Supporting her all the way were friends she could trust and words that filled her with encouragement.

2021.05.18 More

Rhythmic gymnasts Nanami Takenaka & Sayuri Sugimoto on being Toyota employees and members of the national team

Rhythmic gymnast and new Toyota recruit Nanami Takenaka sits down for a chat with Sayuri Sugimoto, a rhythmic gymnastics national team captain and her senior colleague at Toyota.

2021.05.11 More

[Through the Finder] #2 2021 Season for 'Making Ever-Better Cars' Kicks Off

This series introduces how photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi captures the battles of ROOKIE Racing through his viewfinder. The second in the series features the Super Taikyu 2021 season's opening race in Twin Ring Motegi.

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Running for Everyone's Smiles: Marathon Runner Yuma Hattori [Those Who Support Athletes]

After joining Toyota, marathon runner Yuma Hattori' has changed his mindset "I run for others, not for myself." What is the reason behind this change?

2021.04.29 More

A Diversity Team is Key to Success: Para Athletic Tomoki Suzuki [Those Who Support Athletes]

Tomoki Suzuki, a promising star in Para Athletics, has shown remarkable strength in recent competitions. Behind his success, diverse team staffs with unique experiences in different fields, and technological development have played a key role.

2021.04.20 More

Inspired and Encouraged by Rivals: Butterfly Swimmer Takeshi Kawamoto [Those Who Support Athletes]

Learn athletes' challenges in competing with world-class rivals, with the support and expectation from people around them. The first in the series features Butterfly swimmer Takeshi Kawamoto.

2021.04.13 More

NAHO MIYOSHI:"Thinking positively about my options." [Athlete Stories]

In the summer of 2019, we visited Naho Miyoshi (26 years old, Value Chain Business Development Div.) during a training session at the Aoi Gym in Nagoya City. The gym is the home base of Toyota Motor Corporation's women's basketball team―the Antelopes―of which she is a member. On the wall of the gym, lit by bright sunshine from outside, is a picture of the team mascot "Antenowa."In the first year of her working life, Naho was given the court name "Sun"in the hope that she would rise like a sun shining out over the team. Naho also hopes that she can live up to the name, and her cheerful and direct personality certainly shone through in the interview.

2020.01.07 More

SEITO YAMAMOTO:"After crawling back up from the bottom, I hope to grab on to something that will change my life." [Athlete Stories]

Attempts to jump higher and higher―especially after one has been down―deserve respect. So we decided to make our way over to Kanagawa Prefecture to meet pole vaulter and two-time Olympian Seito Yamamoto. Yamamoto was training hard among scores of university students at the Yokohama Kenshidai Campus of Nippon Sport Science University, where he is based.

2019.10.02 More

MARCUS FERNALDI GIDEON:"It's Impossible Until I Do It" [Athlete Stories]

For as long as Marcus Fernaldi Gideon can remember, badminton has always been a huge part of his life. As a young child, he grew up watching his father, former national badminton legend and coach Kurniahu Gideon, train and compete internationally. At nine years old, Marcus began his career in badminton and by thirteen, had begun to compete professionally.

2019.09.19 More

JOSEPH SCHOOLING & TAKESHI KAWAMOTO:"You can learn from your rivals" [Athlete Stories]

Since returning to Singapore, Joseph Schooling has been training on a daily basis with other swimmers, including overseas swimmers. Today, one of those other swimmers is Takeshi Kawamoto, another Global Toyota Team Athlete (GTTA). Like Joseph, Takeshi is best known for the butterfly stroke.

2019.08.21 More

TAKESHI KAWAMOTO:"Do your best, not just for yourself but for the joy of those who support you" [Athlete Stories]

There were already signals of the onset of a hot, tropical summer in Singapore. It was here at the mouth of the Singapore River, which twists its way through the urban landscape, where Singapore's most-iconic Merlion statue graces the waterfront, while the popular Marina Bay Sands resort is situated nearby, the combination of which created picture postcard views of this Asian city-state. While many people travel to Singapore for business or vacation, Takeshi Kawamoto ventured here to hone his "warrior"skills.

2019.07.26 More

JOSEPH SCHOOLING:"Conquering pinnacles and his own childhood hero" [Athlete Stories]

It was a cloudy and humid Wednesday, yet it was scorching 33 degrees Celsius temperature. The largest aquatic center in Singapore was quite lively at 4 pm, with more than half a dozen swimmers practicing in the pool, coaches busily providing instructions and recording the athletes'times. Waves and splashes in the pool were so tempting that even we wanted to jump in due to the humidity and heat. We were walking to the interview room when we first met him. It was the one and only Joseph Isaac Schooling. Wearing a light blue T-shirt, dark grey shorts and a friendly smile, he welcomed us warmly and let us know that he'd be with us shortly.

2019.07.10 More

SAYURI SUGIMOTO:"Smiling gets me over hardships." [Athlete Stories]

Last November, we visited the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences in Tokyo's Akabane area, where Sayuri Sugimoto, captain of the rhythmic gymnastics "Fairy Japan"national team, holds practices.

2019.05.15 More

HIROKI YOKOYAMA:"You have to make skating fun." [Athlete Stories]

How many people know the difference between speed skating and short track speed skating (short track)?

2019.04.24 More

JARRYD WALLACE:"Dream the Impossible!" [Athlete Stories]

Springtime 2006, Athens, Georgia: Jarryd Wallace, a standout runner and high school state champion with a promising future, was only 16. With looks like that of a Hollywood star and a pleasant personality, the budding teenager was an emerging heartthrob with a zeal for life and sports.

2019.03.22 More

HARUNA SAKAMOTO:"Each ball. Each game. The accumulation of it all. The joy of winning." [Athlete Stories]

Women's softball infielder Haruna Sakamoto, 31, works in Toyota Motor Corporation's Production Control Division.

2019.03.01 More

TOH WEI SOONG:"The true challenge is overcoming yourself and being true to what you can do." [Athlete Stories]

When Singaporean para swimmer Toh Wei Soong was just two years old, he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis, a chronic condition that restricts the use of his legs. There is no known cure for transverse myelitis. No longer able to run and play like he used to, Wei Soong ventured into the competitive world of swimming when he was 13. Since then, he has bagged an impressive tally of medals - including a bronze at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and two golds in the 2018 Asian Para Games.

2019.02.14 More

YUMA HATTORI:"I remembered all the things...that let me run with room to spare, both mentally and physically." [Athlete Stories]

It was September, and we were waiting in the lobby of the office building at the Toyota Tahara plant for a young man, Yuma Hattori, that we expected would be donning the familiar Toyota work uniform.

2019.01.28 More

TAKESHI KABASAWA:"Things work better if you...take it easy and try to bring out your uniqueness." [Athlete Stories]

Baseball infielder No.9, Takeshi Kabasawa, 29, works in Toyota Motor Corporation's Miyoshi Plant/Myochi Plant Administration Division, and shares his thoughts about sports and life.

2019.01.16 More

KEITA SATO:"I want to continue sport and grow, and change society" [Athlete Stories]

It's 7:45 on a September morning. A blue Prius pulls into the parking lot at Toyota Motor Corp. headquarters in Toyota City. Sitting in the driver's seat is 27-year-old Para athlete, Keita Sato, who also by day works in Toyota's Production Control Division.

2018.12.17 More

SHOMA UNO:"Until I decide I've reached the limit, there isn't one" [Athlete Stories]

Shoma Uno (age 20, Toyota Sports & Corporate Citizenship Dept.) is a top-level athlete competing in men's figure skating. As a silver medalist of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, his new season is off to a good start.

2018.12.04 More

TYRONE PILLAY: "You have to start somewhere, so start with a belief in yourself." [Athlete Stories]

Tyrone Pillay is a 13-year Toyota employee at Toyota South Africa Motors. He is also an avid cricket fan, children's mentor, Para athlete, and Bronze medal Paralympian from the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games in Shot-Put. The following is based on a conversation we had with him in September 2018.

2018.11.16 More

TAKEMI NISHIBORI:"We can't get any taller, but we can sharpen our skills" [Athlete Stories]

Takemi Nishibori, age 37, works by day in the Kinuura Plant Quality Control Division at Toyota Motor Corporation. This is her story.

2018.09.10 More