'One and Only Day' Akio Toyoda 'One and Only Day' Akio Toyoda 'One and Only Day' Akio Toyoda ありがとうございます。今日もまたかけがえのない一日でありますように。豊田章男
2020.11.28 UPDATE

“One and Only Day” Series: A priceless 35 year bond

Tottori: Kurayoshi Dealership, Netz Toyota Tottori

In this story, a salesman on staff at a dealership in Japan recounts the impact a customer and his words had on his life.

2020.10.31 UPDATE

“One and Only Day” Series: A rescue the night before the big race

Fukuoka : Toyota Corolla GR Garage Fukuoka Airport dealership

On the day before the competition, a man from Oita has an accident that almost ends his hopes to race -- until some friendly Toyota mechanics jump in to save the day.

2020.09.26 UPDATE

One and Only Day Series: The Unexpected Bouquet

Osaka Lexus Toyonaka dealership

A true story of how staff at the Lexus Toyonaka dealership and their customer-centered service led to a very special "one and only" moment as they presented the daughter of a family that comes in for regular service with an "unexpected bouquet."

2020.08.29 UPDATE

One and Only Day Series: The Summer Wedding Ring

Okinawa Toyota Chatan dealership

With actions rooted in a desire to help customers solve their problems, the Okinawa Toyota Chatan dealership staff leaves no nook or cranny unturned in search for a lost wedding ring.

2020.08.21 UPDATE

One and Only Day Series: Heatstroke

Toyota Mobility Tokyo Kamata Naka Rokugo Minami dealership

A true story about how the staff at a Toyota dealership in Tokyo saved an elderly lady and her daughter from the scorching heat with their warm customer service.

2020.07.26 UPDATE

“One and Only Day” Series: A letter from Voxy

Netz Toyota Kooriyama, Iwaki

A true story about the length one dealership staff member went to in order to bring happiness to a family trading in their car.

2020.06.27 UPDATE

"One and Only" - A True Tale of Toyota's Unwavering Principles

Toyota's unwavering principles have been captured by a series of advertisements titled "The One and Only Toyota." Toyota moves forward again with renewed aspirations.