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TOYOTA NEWS 2019.01.16

Have you seen the Supra ad that has aired in Japan?

Kazuki Nakajima
Fernando Alonso
Sébastien Buemi
Ott Tänak
Kyle Busch

In the ad, the friends of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing are all featured together. In the last scene, the phrase “Supra is Back” appears. In fact, I, Morizo, wrote this phrase.

As I have previously written, Supra is like an old friend of Morizo’s that holds a special place in my heart. I spent countless hours driving an old Supra to become a master driver. Just as how we want to celebrate when an old friend returns after a long absence, I wanted to show my joy for this in some way.

To express this feeling, I thought about how I might call out to an old friend I have spotted returning after a long time. What would I say? I decided, I would want to say “Welcome back!”

I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that the handwritten words were written by Morizo... I think I was told by those back in the office not to mention it, but, oh well, I said it anyway. Despite being president, I’m sure I’ll be trouble when they hear about this.

Supra is Back
Morizo’s handwritten "Supra is Back”


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