ROOKIE Racing GR Supra Drivers’ Roundtable

TOYOTA NEWS 2020.11.19

This time we present the “ROOKIE Racing GR Supra Drivers’ Roundtable”.
The GR Supra earned three consecutive wins during the recent Pirelli Super Taikyu Series 2020.

Previously, Toyota Times closely followed Akio Toyoda, also known as Morizo, driving the GR Yaris during one of the races. Soon after, Morizo suggested to the editorial team that since, “The Supra got three wins in a row, maybe you want to cover about it? Why don’t you talk to the drivers?”

ROOKIE Racing’s GR Supra includes six professional and amateur drivers.
This time, we had four of the drivers, the team director, and one GR Yaris driver join an online roundtable talk. Morizo wasn’t joining this time. However, everyone who joined knows him well, so it didn’t take long for them to start talking about Morizo after some conversations on the GR Supra.

Check out the video of them talking about various racing topics including, “how Morizo has grown as a driver” and more.


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