Up Close and Personal: Akio's Relaxation Time

TOYOTA NEWS 2020.10.29

One fall evening, with what little free time he has, Akio chooses to take a walk.
To understand what he is thinking about during times like this, Akio agrees to "think out loud" as he walks, answering some questions along the way.

See what the top of a global organization with more than 360,000 team members world-wide thinks about when he does take that rare time off away from the office.


Woven City Project Update - Selections from Toyota’s 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session

The third article in a three-part series showcasing Akio's responses during Toyota's 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session. In Part 3 - the final installment, the focus is on Akio's comments about Woven City, Toyota's prototype city of the future.

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President Akio Toyoda Meets Nobel Prize Winner Akira Yoshino: Conceptualizing the future (Part Two)

Dr. Yoshino and Akio discuss the challenges of batteries as they apply to BEVs, while seeing how CASE, MaaS, and how technologies can converge in a single moment to change everything.

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Editor-in-Chief Kagawa gains access to top secret video of Akio talking about Toyota's Future

Held once every four years, Toyota World Convention is an event that brings all global Toyota affiliates together. This year the meeting was held virtually for the first time, where Akio spoke about the challenges and opportunities now and ahead for Toyota.

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