Learn what is new in Toyota while discovering the thoughts and feelings of President Akio Toyoda.

The New Year Starts with Dakar - Don't Miss the Final Run of the Land Cruiser 200!

Get ready for Dakar with ace driver Akira Miura live in the studio! Hear what makes the rally so special.

2021.12.27 More

Akio Toyoda on Quality: Communication and Priorities Are Key (Part 2)

The theme of the first part was communication and how to deal with failure, but then the discussion gradually shifted to quality itself.

2021.12.27 More

Akio Toyoda on Quality: Communication and Priorities Are Key (Part 1)

President Akio Toyoda attended this year's 56th All-Toyota Total Quality Management (TQM) Competition for the first time in six years. This article looks at what inspired him to attend of his own accord.

2021.12.27 More

Answers to Five Questions about Toyota's BEV Strategy (Report on Media Q&A Session)

This article looks into the responses by four key speakers to media questions about Toyota's battery EV strategy announcement of Dec. 14. The underlying message is that the company's approach of providing full-lineup options is a sincere one.

2021.12.21 More

"Do you like battery EVs?" Akio Toyoda's Response

In the middle of the Q&A session, one journalist asked if President Akio Toyoda personally likes BEVs or not. As Master Driver of Toyota, or driver Morizo, what did Akio have to say?

2021.12.21 More

Toyota Strengthens BEV Lineup to Keep Offering Options for Everyone (Full Text of President Toyoda's Presentation)

Does Toyota's newly revealed battery electric vehicle strategy indicate a change in Toyota's multi-solution approach? Toyota Times spotlights President Akio Toyoda's presentation to help its readers better understand Toyota's direction.

2021.12.20 More

Team Principal Latvala Back in the Driver's Seat? A New WRC Era Begins on January 20!

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team Principal Jari-Matti Latvala joined live in studio! He shared his triple crown story & aspirations for season 2022.

2021.12.16 More

Toyota Reveals Full Lineup of Battery EVs: Toyota's Briefing on BEV Strategies

Toyota President Akio Toyoda has presented the company's battery EV strategies. Revealing 16 new battery EVs, what did he have to say?

2021.12.14 More

Six Months of Evolution in Making, Transporting, and Using: Hydrogen-Powered Engine's Last Race of 2021

Part two of the final race of the 2021 Super Taikyu Series will take an overall look at how the race represented this year's challenge for carbon neutrality in the areas of "making," "transporting," and "using" hydrogen.

2021.12.10 More

Ever-evolving Circle of Like-Minded Partners into Next Season: Hydrogen-Powered Engine's Last Race of 2021

To explore options for carbon neutrality together through motorsports, top executives of car and motorcycle manufacturers who are rarely seen in one place gathered for the last race of 2021 Super Taikyu Series.

2021.12.09 More

The Man Who Drives the Hydrogen Engine Car and Makes Morizo a Better Driver

Fresh from Super Taikyu racing in the hydrogen-powered Corolla, Masahiro Sasaki discusses the evolution of Morizo's driving.

2021.11.26 More

JAMA Forms New United Front for Taking on Change (Part 2)

How has Japan's automotive industry supported the Japanese economy? Numbers revealed the magnitude and breadth of the impact of the automotive industry at the press conference announcing JAMA's new structure.

2021.11.22 More

JAMA Forms New United Front for Taking on Change (Part 1)

The word "cooperation" was repeated many times throughout a press conference announcing JAMA's new structure. Toyota Times zeros in on why there was so much emphasis on working together.

2021.11.22 More

WRC Driver Takamoto Katsuta in Studio! A Three-Generation Bond with Toyota

In between WRC races, Takamoto Katsuta joined Toyota Times Athletes Now on November 10 to share all the excitement of rally.

2021.11.18 More

Regaining Hope and Joy: A Mother and Daughter's Life Turning Point with Toyota's Rehabilitation Assist Robot

A smart, respected mother usually dressed in a suit and heels suddenly became unable to walk due to illness. A turning point for both mother and daughter was their encounter with a Toyota robot.

2021.11.11 More

Doctors and Engineers Forming a Team: Untold Story of Toyota's Rehabilitation Assist Robot

Toyota's rehabilitation assist robot development started inauspiciously with an overly technology-focused failure. This article takes a look back on a development process that spans more than a decade.

2021.11.10 More

Working Closely with Dealers and Suppliers to Help Mitigate Production Decline Impact in FY2022 1H

Despite revising upward its year-end forecast for operating income, Toyota still has a stern outlook. Through the answers to reporters' questions at Toyota's financial results announcement, Toyota Times takes a closer look at how the company views the situation.

2021.11.09 More

Quick Review of Toyota's Latest Financial Results (FY2022 First Half)

Toyota Times provides the key points of Toyota's FY2022 first half financial results during which COVID-19 and a chip shortage have affected automakers worldwide.

2021.11.04 More

Toyota and its Sports Clubs Are Two Hearts Beating as One

The second episode of the re-launched Toyota Times Athletes Now features the history and relationship between Toyota and its sports clubs.

2021.10.21 More

Why Akio Toyoda Refers to Woven City as a "Test Track"

The Toyota Times Athletes Now program was re-launched on October 6 to cover Toyota sports news and events as well as important corporate topics. Its first guest, President Akio Toyoda, shared his thoughts on Woven City.

2021.10.12 More

Vehicle's Evolution Changes the Conversation - Toyota's Third Hydrogen-Powered Engine Race

Toyota's endeavor with the hydrogen-powered engine has continued and seen greater progress each time. Four months on from the first race in May, this time at Suzuka, the hydrogen-powered engine's performance is hot on the heels of gasoline engines.

2021.10.11 More

Expanding the Circle Through Shared Purpose - Toyota's Third Hydrogen-Powered Engine Race

Toyota's endeavor with the hydrogen-powered engine has continued and seen greater progress each time. This time at Suzuka, from "major arteries" to "capillaries", transporting Australian hydrogen for the race brings new challenges to light.

2021.10.08 More

"Carbon is our enemy: Let's Use Everything We've Got To Fight It"-Toyota's Chief Scientist on Carbon Neutrality

Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research Institute, and Chief Scientist at Toyota, offers perspectives as a scientist on how people should understand carbon neutrality and how automakers should see the path moving forward.

2021.09.28 More

Akio Toyoda on Japanese Political Leadership

At a press conference held before a motorsport race on September 18, Akio Toyoda in his driving suit shared his views on the political leadership of Japan.

2021.09.22 More

Toyota's Key in Software Survival: In-House Capability and Real Customer Contact

The importance of software and connected technologies in automobiles is growing. How will Toyota compete to survive? Keiji Yamamoto, Toyota's chief officer leading efforts in this area explained.

2021.09.13 More

The Automotive Industry's Earnest Views on Carbon Neutrality-JAMA Press Conference

As various policy-making discussions are underway, JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda sent a message on carbon neutrality at a press conference on September 9, which represented how seriously the Japanese automotive industry is facing the global climate issue.

2021.09.13 More

Integration with Vehicles--The Strengths of Toyota's Battery Development Strategy

"Peace of mind" is key to Toyota's battery development concept. What strengths has Toyota cultivated to achieve the aim of this concept? Chief officers leading the effort explain the key points.

2021.09.08 More

A Detailed Inside Report About the Changes Happening at JAMA

Toyota Times interviewed the key figure at Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association to learn about its recent organizational reform in depth and the member's thoughts behind the effort.

2021.09.08 More

Agile Development Brings Bold Progress in Two Months - The Hydrogen-Powered Engine's Second Race

Years of improvement, akin to a full model change for production cars, in just two months - take a closer look at the hydrogen-powered Corolla's dramatic improvement.

2021.09.07 More

Expanding Renewable Energy Options - The Hydrogen-Powered Engine's Second Race

Fueled with locally produced green hydrogen, the hydrogen-powered engine expands renewable energy options in its second race.

2021.09.06 More

A Quick Look Back on the Corolla's 55-Year History with Over 50 Million Customers

With a history of more than 50 years, the Corolla has now hit the historic milestone of 50 million units sold worldwide. In celebration, Toyota Times looks back on the history and development of the Corolla in the form of a quiz.

2021.08.13 More

Beyond the Records: The Message of the Mirai 1000 km Drive Challenge in France

The Toyota Mirai ran over 1000 km on a single hydrogen refuel - an astonishing news that came from Europe in May. Three key persons who led the project explain what made them take on this record-breaking challenge.

2021.08.11 More

Akio Toyoda Visits the e-Palette Operation Support Team on the Opening Ceremony Day

Akio Toyoda visited the e-Palette operation supporting genba on the day of the Tokyo 2020 Games' opening ceremony. He gave unique but important advice to its members, who had been nervous and believing that there was zero tolerance for mistakes.

2021.08.02 More

Promoting a Triple "Friendly" Kaizen Approach at an Engine Plant: For People, Costs and the Environment

At Toyota's engine plant that is taking on challenges toward carbon neutrality, driving their effort is the concept of kaizen that has long made Toyota, Toyota.

2021.07.26 More

Message from Akio Toyoda to Osamu Suzuki, Senior Advisor of Suzuki and Legendary Automotive Leader of Japan

At the press conference, the last question from the reporters was one about Akio's thoughts on Osamu Suzuki, who has made huge contributions to Japan's automotive industry and recently retired from running Suzuki Motor Corporation.

2021.07.23 More

Aiming to Improve Logistics and Lives of People: Toyota's New Collaboration with Suzuki and Daihatsu

In announcing the participation of minivehicle manufacturers Suzuki and Daihatsu in a Toyota-initiated commercial vehicle business partnership, the three companies' presidents shared their expectations for synergy through new collaboration.

2021.07.23 More

Akio Toyoda's 12 Years of Mission-driven Action with Genba

The sixth part of this Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting series turns the spotlight onto Akio's conviction and determination-filled concluding remarks to shareholders who have long supported Toyota.

2021.06.26 More

Toyota's Mission of "Producing Happiness for All"

The fifth part of this Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting series examines the Toyota Philosophy, which was another key topic brought up by shareholders. What spurred Akio Toyoda to establish this management compass?

2021.06.25 More

Pursuing Best-in-Town Around the World

The fourth part of this Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting series highlights responses by two top leaders of Toyota's overseas business from the U.S. and China. Their comments were both based on an unwavering principle in Toyota's operations around the world.

2021.06.24 More

Passing on the Philosophy of Being Human-Centered at Woven City

The third of a six-part series on the 2021 Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting reflects on comments made by Operating Officer James Kuffner on Woven City. At the core of the city, passed down from Sakichi Toyoda, is the pursuit of bringing happiness to people.

2021.06.23 More

Toyota's Technology Chief Shares Key Intentions in Its Wide-Ranging Investment

The second of a six-part series on the 2021 Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting features Toyota's all-round electrification strategy. Why not focus on narrower range of options? Can Toyota afford the investment? Toyota's Chief Technology Officer responds to the shareholder's question.

2021.06.22 More

Akio Toyoda Reflects on Toyota's Growth Over His 12-year Presidency

This is the first of a six-part series on Toyota's 2021 Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting held on June 16. In responding to the first question from a shareholder, Akio Toyoda presented figures demonstrating the contributions Toyota has made to governments, employees, and suppliers.

2021.06.21 More

Is Manufacturing Past its Prime? Toyota Chief Production Officer Says "No"

"Does Japan need manufacturing?" Such was the question posed by Toyota's top person in charge of manufacturing during a recent presentation for the media. What was he really trying to get at?

2021.06.15 More

The Leadership Akio Toyoda Has Valued: JAMA Chairman Press Conference

For three years in his current role as JAMA chairman, Akio's actions have always been based on "missions" to contribute more, as the automotive industry, to the future of Japan. Such missions have driven many others in the industry during the crisis over the past year.

2021.06.04 More

The 24-Hour Challenge of the Hydrogen-Powered Engine

The Corolla with a hydrogen-powered engine completed the 24-hour endurance race in May 2021. Toyota Times looks back on the 24 hours that may become a historic time one day, together with photos by race photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi.

2021.06.02 More

How One School's Way of Nurturing its Students Amazed a Top Toyota HR Executive

Established in 2015 after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Futaba Future School in Fukushima provides students many unique and advanced programs based on its mission to nurture talents who can pioneer the future. Masanori Kuwata, Toyota's chief HR executive, visited the school to study its initiatives.

2021.05.24 More

ROOKIE Racing's Journey: What You Need to Know Before the 24H Endurance Race Challenge (extra edition)

As Toyota has taken on the unprecedented challenge to compete in a hydrogen-engine-powered race car, a video showing the challenges of ROOKIE Racing in the previous races is released by Toyota Times, describing the significant role it is playing in Toyota's car-making.

2021.05.21 More

Akio's Message to All "24H Team" Members: What You Need to Know Before the 24H Endurance Race Challenge (4)

This series focuses on Toyota's first 24-hour endurance race using a hydrogen-powered engine. This fourth part shares Akio's message to all members involved in the 24-hour challenge, who share the determination to help achieve carbon neutrality.

2021.05.21 More

Hydrogen Filling Holds the Key: What You Need to Know Before the 24H Endurance Race Challenge (3)

This series focuses on Toyota's challenge to compete in a 24-hour endurance race using a hydrogen-powered engine. This third part spotlights Toyota's efforts from scratch for refueling, or "filling", a vehicle using hydrogen.

2021.05.20 More

Drivers' Impressions of the Hydrogen-powered Engine: What You Need to Know Before the 24H Endurance Race Challenge (2)

This series tracks the Toyota team as it prepares to take on a 24-hour race in a car powered by a hydrogen engine car. In this second part, the drivers talk about the car's performance and how it appeals to all senses.

2021.05.19 More

How a Hydrogen-Powered Engine Differs from a Gasoline-Powered One: What You Need to Know Before the 24H Endurance Race Challenge (1)

This series introduces various aspects of what a challenge of a hydrogen-powered engine is all about before the 24-hour race from May 21 to 23. The first features the hydrogen-engine vehicle's difference from a normal race car, and the three technologies that made the challenge possible.

2021.05.17 More

Toyota Production System Makes Frozen Squid More Fresh

Many companies in Japan take part in projects to help improve productivity and solve issues using the universally-applicable Toyota Production System (TPS). This story shares an experience at a seafood processing company that Toyota worked with. How is TPS applied to make frozen squid more "fresh"?

2021.05.14 More

Automotive Economist Ikeda Examines Toyota Results Based on Decade of Reform

Toyota closed its latest fiscal year with increased profit, even though the outlook announced in the beginning was viewed and reported as an "80 percent drop" in operating income. Automotive economic journalist Naoto Ikeda examines the results to understand what drove them.

2021.05.14 More

3 Minutes' Read On Toyota's FY2021 Year-end Financial Results

Following on from FY2020 which was struck with various crises, how did Toyota respond to these challenges and what is Toyota's outlook for the next term? Toyota Times provides perceptive insights on key points of the financial results announcement released on May 12, 2021.

2021.05.12 More

Management Discussion Series (Part Four): Digitalization and Carbon Neutrality Come Into Focus

Toyota management details digitalization and carbon neutrality as pillars to focus on to become an industry leader in expanding happiness.

2021.05.07 More

Management Discussion Series (Part Three): TPS Goes Beyond Production

TPS is the shared language of Toyota's global operations, and management explains to employee representatives how it goes beyond production as people understand it on a deeper level.

2021.05.05 More

Management Discussion Series (Part Two): Knowledge of Genba and Digitalization Key to Growth and Performance

People grow by taking on challenges, whether at the genba where work is done or transforming the way a company operates. This discussion between management and employee representatives highlights the keys to growth and performance, bridging gaps, and combining efforts and wisdom to continue to improve.

2021.05.03 More

A Small Store in Iwate Provides a Lesson for Toyota on How to be "Best-in-town"

Toyota's Chief Software Officer Keiji Yamamoto visited a small town in Iwate Prefecture to see dealer-led initiatives to address issues of a depopulated area with elderly residents. The visit made clear that many things cannot be solved overnight, but Yamamoto learned of some hints at the genba.

2021.04.30 More

Management Discussion Series (Part One): Understanding Industry Partners

Recent discussions between Toyota management and workers in Japan included revelations made from team members seconded to other companies to go and see those operations, illuminating areas for improvement within the greater automotive industry in Japan.

2021.04.28 More

Unveiling the Sound of a Hydrogen-Powered Engine

What kind of sound does a hydrogen-powered engine make? Following Toyota's recent announcement that it will test an under-developed hydrogen engine in a 24-hour race, Toyota Times has released a "sound" teaser.

2021.04.28 More

Why to Race with a Hydrogen Engine Not Yet Ready for Sale

Toyota has decided to put to the test in racing a suddenly announced hydrogen engine, even though there are no plans for sale at this moment. Akio Toyota, wearing four different hats, explains Toyota's true intentions.

2021.04.26 More

Expand Paths to Carbon Neutrality: JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda Message

At a press briefing on April 22, JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda repeatedly stressed that "our goal is to be carbon neutral, and there should be more than one path to that goal." Find out what he meant by the key message.

2021.04.23 More

"It was the right thing to do": Toyota Australia's Honest Decision to Return Job-keeping Subsidy

Earlier this year, Toyota Australia earned nationwide praise and attention for deciding to return a job-keeping government subsidy aimed at helping struggling employers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Toyota Times examines what action and thoughts were behind this honest decision.

2021.04.19 More

"Prioritize action over waiting and watching": Akio's Message to New Toyota Members

With the entrance ceremony held remotely on April 1, Akio was determined to deliver a deliberate message to each individual.

2021.04.15 More

Toyota's Chief Technology Officer Senses the Potential for Renewable Energy in Tohoku

Masahiko Maeda, Toyota's Chief Technology Officer, visited a Fukushima-based research facility that works on cutting-edge renewable energy technologies. What were the findings and how will they be connected to Toyota's R&D in helping to achieve carbon neutrality?

2021.04.14 More

"Practical and Sustainable": Key in Toyota's Decarbonization Path

Chief Digital Officer James Kuffner shared his thoughts, at an internal meeting, on the challenge to achieve carbon neutrality. What does he mean when he says "practicality and sustainability is the key"?

2021.04.13 More

CEOs on Why Toyota, Isuzu, and Hino Formed CASE Partnership

Why has Toyota decided to strengthen its commercial vehicle business? And why have Isuzu and Hino, two rivals, decided to join forces? The CEOs of each company revealed their thoughts.

2021.03.25 More

CO2 Could Impact Employment: Akio Toyoda's Warning

How is Japanese monozukuri and the automotive industry to survive? Carbon neutrality offers some insights.

2021.03.22 More

10 Years On: Future Plan for Namie in Post-disaster Fukushima (Part 2)

On March 5, Akio Toyoda visited Fukushima, a prefecture severely damaged by the nuclear power plant accident 10 years ago. Toyota Times reports how it now explores a future of a hydrogen-based society.

2021.03.19 More

What Akio Asked the Future Toyota Leaders to Value (Part 2: Toyota Technical Skills Academy Graduation Ceremony)

Akio went up on the stage to talk with the academy graduates after the graduation ceremony. What was the message that Akio tried to convey to the students who will lead the future generation?

2021.03.16 More

To Future Genba Leaders with Strength and Kindness (Part 1: Toyota Technical Skills Academy Graduation Ceremony)

Academy graduates experienced a very different school life from what they had initially envisioned, due to COVID-19. How did the students respond and what did they learn?

2021.03.15 More

"Fulfilling a Central Role in Society": JAMA Chairman On Tohoku Recovery and Carbon Neutrality

As Japan marked the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Akio delivered a message at the industry association's press conference. Toyota Times examines his remarks in its entirety.

2021.03.11 More

10 Years Since Deciding to Plant Roots in Post-earthquake Tohoku (Part 1)

A week before the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake , Akio paid a visit to the Tohoku region. New Toyota Times reporter Kyonosuke Morita, who was given the chance of close coverage, describes Akio's actions and words there.

2021.03.11 More

Surviving a Crash in a Toyota: A Paramedic's Selfless Act to Save Others

Toyota Times looks into an incident of a paramedic who selflessly put others' lives first after surviving a near-death accident in Texas, U.S.

2021.03.08 More

Through Yaris's Win of the Car of the Year 2021 in Europe

The all-new Toyota Yaris won the Car of the Year 2021 in Europe for the first time in 21 years, since the first-generation Yaris won the award in 2000. What was the reason behind its win among European competitors?

2021.03.04 More

"Within Reach If You Just Keep Climbing": Akio's Message on Woven City

With ground having been broken on Woven City, Akio Toyoda has released a video message for all those who will develop together a city of the future.

2021.02.27 More

Woven City Construction Kicks Off: Akio's Promise at Groundbreaking Ceremony

Woven City has taken off on Feb. 23, so-called "Mt. Fuji Day" in Japan! At the groundbreaking ceremony, Akio made one promise on what to embrace in advancing the project.

2021.02.23 More

Beyond Automotive: Woven Planet Group Takes Off

Many people have heard about Woven City, which is planned to break ground on February 23rd, but what about Woven Planet Group? Read on to learn more about the new Woven companies and the focus of each of them.

2021.02.19 More

Untold Story of One-Year Delayed Yaris Launch

It is not widely known that the new Yaris was launched in 2020, one year after its originally scheduled launch in 2019, to gain one extra year for further development. Why? Toyota Times investigates the reason behind this decision.

2021.02.16 More

An Upward Revision Based on Doing "What We Should Do" (Toyota 3rd-quarter Financial Results)

Toyota has announced its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2021. Just how has Toyota been combatting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? The answer is simpler than some people imagined.

2021.02.11 More

Toyota reveals the full scope of the evolved e-Palette

e-Palette, vehicles that consider the mobility of all people, will be used to provide a loop-line bus transportation service for the Olympic and Paralympic villages at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. How is the e-Palette evolving now?

2021.01.27 More

Toyota sells foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser stands?

Toyota makes and sells a foot-operated hand sanitizer dispenser stand? Toyota Times was on the trail to find out why.

2021.01.20 More

"8 Consecutive Wins is Still Halfway": Interview with Dakar Rally Winning Team

Toyota Times presents an interview conducted with rally driver Akira Miura, who won in his class in the 2021 Dakar Rally." Getting eight consecutive wins is not good enough," Miura said. Read about the challenges him and the team faced with the Land Cruiser in the rally.

2021.01.19 More

JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda Delivers New Year Message

In welcoming a new year, chairman of Japan's automotive industry association, Akio Toyoda, delivers a video message. The message is primarily to those working in the industry in Japan, but is surely relevant to those working in the industry in other parts of the world as well.

2021.01.08 More

JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda Talks Earnestly About Carbon Neutrality in Japan

Representing Japan's automotive industry, Akio Toyoda recently explained various efforts within the industry and shared his thoughts on the trending theme of carbon neutrality in Japan. Several media platforms, including Twitter, presented Akio as saying that BEVs are overhyped. What did Akio actually say and what were the points he was trying to make?

2021.01.08 More

3 minutes' read on Toyota's hydrogen strategy ― Why did Toyota fully remodel the Mirai?

Toyota Times highlights key points of the second generation Mirai that debuted in December 2020, based on the presentation delivered at the launch by Masahiko Maeda, Toyota's Chief Technology Officer.

2020.12.29 More

[Through the Finder] #1 ROOKIE Racing's Journey Seen Through the Viewfinder

This new Toyota Times series introduces how photographer Noriaki Mitsuhashi captures the battles of ROOKIE Racing. This installment zooms in on the action of Round 5 of the Super Taikyu Series, which was held at Autopolis (Oita, Japan) in December.

2020.12.29 More

Toyota's ever-evolving advanced office in Tokyo

Toyota Times talked to some of those who led the project to create a work environment that promotes innovation.

2020.12.28 More

Commentary by AUTOCAR: "Akio Toyoda is the Enzo Ferrari of our time"

Toyota Times provides commentary from AUTOCAR on Akio Toyoda, comparing him with the Enzo Ferrari.

2020.12.01 More

Woven City Project Update - Selections from Toyota's 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session

The third article in a three-part series showcasing Akio's responses during Toyota's 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session. In Part 3 - the final installment, the focus is on Akio's comments about Woven City, Toyota's prototype city of the future.

2020.11.19 More

ROOKIE Racing GR Supra Drivers' Roundtable

In celebrating three consecutive wins of the GR Supra, the ROOKIE Racing team sits down to reflect on each race and discusses Morizo's skills as a racer.

2020.11.19 More

"The customer will choose": Vehicle electrification strategy for decarbonation - Selections from Toyota's 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session

This is the second article in a three-part series covering Akio's responses during the Q&A session at Toyota's 1H financial results briefing. In this article, the focus is on Toyota's vehicle electrification strategy.

2020.11.17 More

With an eye toward "Producing Happiness for All" - Selections from Toyota's 1H/2Q financial results Q&A session

This is a three-part series on Akio's responses during the Q&A session at Toyota's 1H Financial Results briefing. In this article, the topic centers on "Toyota Philosophy" based on what Akio announced officially for the first time at the briefing.

2020.11.12 More

Toyota becomes stronger - the hidden power of kaizen [2Q FY2021 Earnings]

Automotive and business journalist, Naoto Ikeda, takes a closer look at Toyota's 1H/2Q Financial Results and shares thoughts about the significance along with Toyota's future forecast, especially during the current global crisis.

2020.11.10 More

Toyota FY2021 1H Financial Results - Why Akio Attended

President Akio Toyoda attended the first-half financial results briefing after not having attended it in years. Why did he attend? What did he share? Toyota Times presents the uncut remarks from the company's briefing.

2020.11.06 More

4 Noteworthy Points on Toyota's First-Half Financial Results

Toyota Times provides key points of Toyota's financial results!

2020.11.06 More

Up Close and Personal: Akio's Relaxation Time

What does Akio think about when he has the rare chance to take a break and relax? Toyota Times sends a camera to get up close and personal.

2020.10.29 More

Toyota's 50-year prayer toward the elimination of traffic accidents

Shoko-ji Temple in Japan is a place where carmakers, suppliers, and other traffic-related groups gather annually to pray for traffic safety and victims. Akio Toyoda shares thoughts about why this is a tradition that he hopes to preserve.

2020.10.22 More

GR Yaris Crash Unites ROOKIE Racing Team

Following a win at its debut race, the GR Yaris and ROOKIE Racing team ran into trouble after a crash during a practice run resulting in damage to the vehicle. This story is about how the team came together to recover.

2020.10.19 More

Close coverage! Behind the Scenes with Akio Toyoda at a 24 Hour Endurance Race

Cameras from Toyota Times follow Morizo as he joins the opening race of the Pirelli Super Endurance Series 2020. Includes behind the scenes exclusive footage!

2020.09.28 More

Technical Academy Co-Founded by Toyota and Jinbei Marks 30 Years of "Making People"

An academy co-founded by Toyota and Shenyang Jinbei Automotive marks its 30th anniversary. Akio presents a personal message to remind of the "founding spirit" that shows Toyota's long-standing commitment to put people at the core of monozukuri.

2020.09.16 More

TOYOTA and MAZDA exchange pleasantries over race invitation

Due to scheduling conflict, Akio, as "Morizo," declines an invitation to attend a Mazda-backed racing event in a letter penned by Akio to Mazda's president, Akira Marumoto. President Marumoto provides an encouraging reply.

2020.09.04 More

Akio Toyoda's View on Toyota Production System

In a new workshop centering on TPS to help create "TPS Leaders" across the company, Akio seeks to narrow the gap of understanding on its two pillars - Jidoka and Just-in-Time - by sharing his interpretation of them.

2020.08.26 More

Akio's Personal Investment to Guide the Future

Akio Toyoda shows his commitment to the path he is laying out for Toyota, channeling his inner entrepreneur to invest in the new Woven suite of companies, because the future will change depending on decisions and actions made today.

2020.07.30 More

From TRI-AD to "Woven": Behind the Change

On July 28, TRI-AD announced an expansion and reorganization with one holding company and two operating companies, all including "Woven" as part of their names - but what significance does that have?

2020.07.30 More

Leadership & Succession: Akio Toyoda Newspaper Interview Part 2

Akio sets his sights on the future, shares his thoughts on management philosophy, and details his image of an ideal successor for the first time in Part 2 of the Newspaper Interview series.

2020.07.23 More

Deep Thoughts During COVID-19 Crisis: Akio Toyoda Newspaper Interview Part 1

President Akio Toyoda was recently interviewed by the Chunichi Shimbun, resulting in an article that was published in the morning edition of the newspaper on July 7. Toyota Times will be bringing you additional content (and fresh content in English!) from behind-the-scenes over a two-part series.

2020.07.22 More

Morizo's Musings | "Ganbarubai!" Keep pushing forward together as one

Seeing the efforts of Toyota team members across Japan for disaster-stricken areas, Morizo expresses appreciation and shares an example of what it means to "work for someone other than yourself".

2020.07.16 More

"One and Only" - A True Tale of Toyota's Unwavering Principles

Toyota's unwavering principles have been captured by a series of advertisements titled "The One and Only Toyota." Toyota moves forward again with renewed aspirations.

2020.06.27 More

Akio Toyoda Sheds Tears Thinking About Pain and Gratitude Over 11-Year Term

Akio expresses gratitude to employees as he recounts challenges of the past and reassures of Toyota's strength in moving closing remarks.

2020.06.19 More

Akio on Winning: Toyota Uses Strength in Doing Things for Others

Akio asks what happens if no one ever wins and explains how the strength of one company can be beneficial when that strength is used to do things for others.

2020.06.18 More

Toyota's "Oyaji" Kawai Calls to Protect Monozukuri

In response to a shareholder question, Toyota's champion of monozukuri, Mitsuru Kawai, shares thoughts on Toyota's commitment to continuing production in Japan and the importance of skilled workers.

2020.06.17 More

Akio Illustrates Point with Elderly Couple and Donkey Story

Akio responds to shareholder question with an analogy to help clarify his more positive perspective of Toyota's current term forecast.

2020.06.16 More

Toyota's Banto Recounts Akio's 11 Years Fighting Back Tears

Toyota Banto Kobayashi loses his words in describing the challenges faced by Toyota's president, Akio Toyoda during 11-year tenure.

2020.06.15 More

Akio Dares To Share Deep Reflection with Shareholders

With an open and candid review, Akio Toyoda kicked off the annual General Shareholder Meeting for 2020, outlining the events leading to Toyota's present and what the company is focusing on today.

2020.06.11 More

Producing as many protective gowns for the frontlines of healthcare as swiftly as possible - Interview from the site of production processes improvement -

What does "improvements in the production process" that Toyota can contribute to mean? This is a story of a personal protective equipment manufacturer that produces protective gowns for the frontlines of healthcare, where improvements were being implemented.

2020.05.27 More

New Vehicle Reveal in North America During 'Stay-at-Home Order' (Online Launch of 'New Sienna' and 'New Venza')

During "stay-at-home" order, Toyota sets example of "new normal" for new product launches. Learn more about how the North American team pulled it off.

2020.05.26 More

Olympic Torch Relay ~Another Story~ The Promised Torch --A promise from Morizo to Shunsuke Suzuki (14)

This is an untold story related to the Olympic Torch Relay. Featuring a day that a "promise" was made between Akio Toyoda and Shunsuke, a 14-year-old boy.

2020.05.20 More

Akio Toyoda at the FY2020 Financial Results Press Conference: "More than learning something new, I find that I am extremely calm"

What were President Akio Toyoda's honest feelings expressed at the QA session?

2020.05.14 More

Become Strong Together (Remarks by President Akio Toyoda at Financial Results for FY2020)

For more than 10 years, Toyota's current leadership has weathered unprecedented crises. They face the current crisis no differently: become strong together to succeed.

2020.05.12 More

"Kokoro Hakobu Project": Offering Constant Hope for 9 Years

The Toyota Group is conducting support activities for those who fight against COVID-19 under the same banner as it did following the Great East Japan Earthquake - the "Kokoro Hakobu Project". What does it hope to accomplish with this project?

2020.04.28 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (5) Akito Goto: "A society where dreams can be achieved with robots"

Running together with my partner robot will hopefully show how anyone can realize the 'freedom to move.'

2020.04.27 More

To an all-new "Hirose" (Inauguration Speech at Denso Hirose Plant)

President Akio Toyoda's message to the members of the reborn Hirose Plant

2020.04.23 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (4) Towa Takada: "Change yourself by seizing opportunities and taking on challenges"

His desire was to run in memory of his grandfather to fulfill his promise.

2020.04.21 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (3) Kahori Sugihara: "For all mothers who have children with disabilities or impairments"

As a mother of a child with a disability, Sugihara is passionate about figuring out ways to keep a job and bring up her children.

2020.04.14 More

Three Things We Can Do Now: Auto Industry Message in Response to COVID-19

Akio Toyoda represented four automobile manufacturers associations to share how the auto industry in Japan is committed to responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

2020.04.10 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (2) Jyunnosuke Suemune: "By working hard, even someone like me can shine on the big stage"

Continuing effort to change his mind set to 'I can' from ''I cannot.' How sports and work have impacted his response to challenges.

2020.04.08 More

Akio Toyoda expresses thoughts on Tokyo 2020 in Tohoku

"Athletes all have a season" and "recovery Olympics"--what was Akio Toyoda trying to convey in response to the Tokyo 2020 postponement?

2020.04.03 More

Tohoku earthquake recovery support: 9 years on

The commitment Akio Toyoda made after the tragic Tohoku earthquake, and how he sees the 9 years since thenーread about that and more in his remarks at the line-off ceremony for the all-new Yaris.

2020.04.02 More

Launching Toyota Times!

Welcome to Toyota Times, English edition. This owned-media channel will provide a unique view of Toyota from the inside.

2020.03.31 More

Who is Morizo?

He races for the Gazoo Racing Team under the name "Morizo", but you might know him as Toyota Motor Corp. president, Akio Toyoda.

2020.03.31 More

SUBARU × TOYOTA: Let's make ever-better cars together!

Subaru and Toyota: united in making ever-better cars

2020.03.27 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (1) Yuki Jyojima: "If I can do something for those in need, that is enough"

Learning real monozukuri by making electric prostheses for others." There may be no better opportunity than [being a torchbearer] to spread the word about the project.

2020.03.26 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for?

Introducing a new series of Toyota Times articles to feature five Toyota employee runners who care for someone other than themselves.

2020.03.26 More

There is nothing we can't overcome!

As the impact of the COVID-19 grows, Akio Toyoda addresses Toyota team members and stakeholders around the world.

2020.03.25 More

Morizo's Musings | Love for cars, love for one's own hometown

Congratulations Mazda! Morizo sends a message to Mazda on the 100th anniversary milestone of its founding,

2020.01.30 More

New Year Message from President Toyoda - To those who have taken that step forward

Just one hour after of his CES 2020 press conference, Akio Toyoda gets on a plane to Japan to give his New Year's Address to employees.

2020.01.17 More

CES 2020 Message from Akio Toyoda

Announced at CES 2020, Akio Toyoda shares the aims of "Toyota Woven City", a perpetually "incomplete" prototype city,

2020.01.15 More

Akio Toyoda Visits Office Housing Inter-Company Unit Developing BEVs: Part 3

Akio makes a visit to a special unit called the "ZEV B&D Lab," which examines both BEV product development and business implications of ZEVs -- but not all members are from Toyota.

2019.12.25 More

Akio Toyoda Visits Office Housing Inter-Company Unit Developing BEVs: Part 2

Akio makes a visit to a special unit called the "ZEV B&D Lab," which examines both BEV product development and business implications of ZEVs -- but not all members are from Toyota.

2019.12.18 More

Akio Toyoda Visits Office Housing Inter-Company Unit Developing BEVs: Part 1

Akio makes a visit to a special unit called the "ZEV B&D Lab," which examines both BEV product development and business implications of ZEVs -- but not all members are from Toyota.

2019.12.11 More

Renewing the "Starting Point of Making Ever-Better Cars"--an Account of a Test Drive of the Shimoyama Development Model (Yaris)

"The fundamental approach to making ever better cars is to make ever better compact cars." How the all-new Yaris is a touchstone to better cars.

2019.10.16 More

Morizo Joins MAZDA-hosted "Media Roadster 4 Hours Endurance Race"

Akio Toyoda was invited to a Mazda-backed special race event where participants drive only Roadsters provided by Mazda. Toyota Times joins the action to see the President of Toyota as he drives the Roadster in the race.

2019.10.04 More

Morizo's Musings | Summer Training Camp

Morizo spends his time off in the summer at a special driving camp. This year? It was on a dirt course, using one Toyota vehicle and two other companies vehicles. Musing on the "taste" of vehicles, as well as of watermelon, Morizo enjoys his time away from the office.

2019.08.26 More

Akio Toyoda's embarks on journey for ice cream

2019.07.19 More

Morizo's Musings | "Shimoyama Test Course"

As the Shimoyama Test Course opens in Japan, Morizo explains why he was in a rush to build the "Third Circuit", or "Country Road", first, and how that ties to the process of "drive and fix".

2019.06.27 More

Morizo's Musings | "Oyaji (Father)"

Within Toyota, an "oyaji" or "ofukuro" may refer to an actual parent, such as in Akio's case, or it may refer to a senior employee who becomes your mentor and guide.

2019.06.16 More

"Find Your Own Donut" President Toyoda Gives Commencement Speech at Babson College Graduation Ceremony

From seniors to younger students. From a current CEO to future CEOs. Akio Toyoda speaks at his Alma Mater commencement in 2019.

2019.06.11 More

Never Lose Sight of What Makes Us Toyota - Unwavering Principles in an Era of Transformation

Even during this once-in-a-century period of transformation, Toyota sticks to its unwavering principles of things like the Toyota Production System.

2019.05.11 More

Cars Will Become Like Horses - Why Toyota Produces Sports Cars

Toyota's Shigeki Tomoyama speaks with Toyota Times and shares thoughts about the importance of continuing to make sports cars and what the future of mobility looks like.

2019.05.10 More

Morizo's Musings | "Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) - Sign of a Fresh Start"

A sakura (cherry blossom) tree at the residence of Kiichiro Toyoda is in full bloom, so Morizo writes on the significance of the sakura and memories of this particular tree.

2019.04.17 More

Morizo's Musings | "Our Founding Principles"

In the season signifying a new start, Morizo shares thoughts he had about Toyota's roots and founding principles.

2019.04.10 More

Toyota Drives Lunar Exploration with Manned, Pressurized Rover

Toyota's Shigeki Terashi joins an international space symposium in Tokyo, speaking and discussing how every engineer thinks and dreams about going to the sixth continent -- the Moon.

2019.03.19 More

Morizo's Musings | "March 11"

Morizo looks back on the last eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and vows never to forget the tragedy.

2019.03.11 More

Morizo's Musings | "February 24"

Morizo muses on the importance of February 24 and what led him to make it a special day, "Toyota Restart Day," across the company.

2019.02.25 More

Morizo's Musings | "A Message from Kiichiro"

Morizo, off to unveil the Supra in Detroit, explains why he wants to make a stop at the "Automotive Hall of Fame" while in the home of the automotive industry.

2019.01.31 More

Morizo's Musings | "Another Kakizome"

Morizo risks trouble by revealing who really wrote the "Supra is back!" that appeared in ads for the all-new Supra.

2019.01.16 More

Morizo's Musings | "Nürburgring, Supra, and Morizo"

Morizo prepares for the big reveal of the all-new Supra in Detroit by taking readers on memory lane with experiences at Nürburgring and how he contributed to making the final taste for the new model.

2019.01.14 More

Morizo's Musings | "Ichiro-san"

"It's important how you deal with your failures. Don't point the finger at a third person for the reason of failure, but ask yourself what was lacking on your part. These were the first words which Ichiro told Akio when they first met in 2014.

2019.01.10 More

Morizo's Musings | Toyota-ism?

Is it "Toyota-ism" or "Toyota Times"? A response from Morizo to feedback received based on an ad for Toyota Times on New Year's Day 2019.

2019.01.10 More

Morizo's Musings | Something to Look Forward to in the New Year...

Every year, there is something to look forward to. Dakar Rally. The start of the race in the distant land of Peru.

2019.01.07 More

Morizo's Musings | Tokowaka

Morizo writes traditional New Year calligraphy "Kakizome", but has to write it earlier than usual due to his busy schedule. The word he chose for 2019 is "Tokowaka".

2019.01.03 More

Morizo's Musings | Toyota Times Has Launched!

Happy New Year 2019! To better show the inner workings of Toyota, we've started Toyota Times.

2019.01.01 More