Learn what is new in Toyota while discovering the thoughts and feelings of President Akio Toyoda.

Producing as many protective gowns for the frontlines of healthcare as swiftly as possible - Interview from the site of production processes improvement -

What does "improvements in the production process" that Toyota can contribute to mean? This is a story of a personal protective equipment manufacturer that produces protective gowns for the frontlines of healthcare, where improvements were being implemented.

2020.05.27 More

New Vehicle Reveal in North America During 'Stay-at-Home Order' (Online Launch of 'New Sienna' and 'New Venza')

During "stay-at-home" order, Toyota sets example of "new normal" for new product launches. Learn more about how the North American team pulled it off.

2020.05.26 More

Olympic Torch Relay ~Another Story~ The Promised Torch --A promise from Morizo to Shunsuke Suzuki (14)

This is an untold story related to the Olympic Torch Relay. Featuring a day that a "promise" was made between Akio Toyoda and Shunsuke, a 14-year-old boy.

2020.05.20 More

Akio Toyoda at the FY2020 Financial Results Press Conference: "More than learning something new, I find that I am extremely calm"

What were President Akio Toyoda's honest feelings expressed at the QA session?

2020.05.14 More

Become Strong Together (Remarks by President Akio Toyoda at Financial Results for FY2020)

For more than 10 years, Toyota's current leadership has weathered unprecedented crises. They face the current crisis no differently: become strong together to succeed.

2020.05.12 More

"Kokoro Hakobu Project": Offering Constant Hope for 9 Years

The Toyota Group is conducting support activities for those who fight against COVID-19 under the same banner as it did following the Great East Japan Earthquake - the "Kokoro Hakobu Project". What does it hope to accomplish with this project?

2020.04.28 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (5) Akito Goto: "A society where dreams can be achieved with robots"

Running together with my partner robot will hopefully show how anyone can realize the 'freedom to move.'

2020.04.27 More

To an all-new "Hirose" (Inauguration Speech at Denso Hirose Plant)

President Akio Toyoda's message to the members of the reborn Hirose Plant

2020.04.23 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (4) Towa Takada: "Change yourself by seizing opportunities and taking on challenges"

His desire was to run in memory of his grandfather to fulfill his promise.

2020.04.21 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (3) Kahori Sugihara: "For all mothers who have children with disabilities or impairments"

As a mother of a child with a disability, Sugihara is passionate about figuring out ways to keep a job and bring up her children.

2020.04.14 More

Three Things We Can Do Now: Auto Industry Message in Response to COVID-19

Akio Toyoda represented four automobile manufacturers associations to share how the auto industry in Japan is committed to responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

2020.04.10 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (2) Jyunnosuke Suemune: "By working hard, even someone like me can shine on the big stage"

Continuing effort to change his mind set to 'I can' from ''I cannot.' How sports and work have impacted his response to challenges.

2020.04.08 More

Akio Toyoda expresses thoughts on Tokyo 2020 in Tohoku

"Athletes all have a season" and "recovery Olympics"--what was Akio Toyoda trying to convey in response to the Tokyo 2020 postponement?

2020.04.03 More

Tohoku earthquake recovery support: 9 years on

The commitment Akio Toyoda made after the tragic Tohoku earthquake, and how he sees the 9 years since thenーread about that and more in his remarks at the line-off ceremony for the all-new Yaris.

2020.04.02 More

Launching Toyota Times!

Welcome to Toyota Times, English edition. This owned-media channel will provide a unique view of Toyota from the inside.

2020.03.31 More

Who is Morizo?

He races for the Gazoo Racing Team under the name "Morizo", but you might know him as Toyota Motor Corp. president, Akio Toyoda.

2020.03.31 More

SUBARU × TOYOTA: Let's make ever-better cars together!

Subaru and Toyota: united in making ever-better cars

2020.03.27 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for? (1) Yuki Jyojima: "If I can do something for those in need, that is enough"

Learning real monozukuri by making electric prostheses for others." There may be no better opportunity than [being a torchbearer] to spread the word about the project.

2020.03.26 More

Olympic Torchbearers: Who do they run for?

Introducing a new series of Toyota Times articles to feature five Toyota employee runners who care for someone other than themselves.

2020.03.26 More

There is nothing we can't overcome!

As the impact of the COVID-19 grows, Akio Toyoda addresses Toyota team members and stakeholders around the world.

2020.03.25 More

New Year Message from President Toyoda - To those who have taken that step forward

Just one hour after of his CES 2020 press conference, Akio Toyoda gets on a plane to Japan to give his New Year's Address to employees.

2020.01.17 More

CES 2020 Message from Akio Toyoda

Announced at CES 2020, Akio Toyoda shares the aims of "Toyota Woven City", a perpetually "incomplete" prototype city,

2020.01.15 More

Renewing the "Starting Point of Making Ever-Better Cars"--an Account of a Test Drive of the Shimoyama Development Model (Yaris)

"The fundamental approach to making ever better cars is to make ever better compact cars." How the all-new Yaris is a touchstone to better cars.

2019.10.16 More

"Find Your Own Donut" President Toyoda Gives Commencement Speech at Babson College Graduation Ceremony

From seniors to younger students. From a current CEO to future CEOs. Akio Toyoda speaks at his Alma Mater commencement in 2019.

2019.06.11 More